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Heel Sweeps

The Nichols heel sweep is a revolutionary design that allows both sweeping and chiseling to be done simultaneously. This combination results in breaking up the hardpan to encourage better root penetration and absorbtion of moisture.



Size Part Number Weight (lbs)
16″ HS16B 6.5
18″ HS18B 7.5

Hardfaced Top

Size Part Number Weight (lbs)
16″ HS16HFT 7.0
18″ HS18HFT 8.0

Hardfaced Bottom

Size Part Number Weight (lbs)
16″ HS16HFB 7.0
18″ HS18HFB 8.0

Be sure to follow the instructions for proper mounting of the Nichols heel sweep

Heel Sweep Mounting Instructions
– Bolt one sweep together with a chisel on the shank of the plow.
– Check the leading edges of the wings on this sweep and adjust so that the leading (sharp) edge is level while the plow frame is level.
– After adjusting the sweep up or down as necessary to level the sweep, make a mark on the shank at the top of the sweep.
– Remove the chisel/sweep combination and measure from the lower bolt hole to the mark.
– Mark all the rest of the shanks the same distance.
– As you put the rest of the sweeps on the machine, move the sweep to the mark you have made on the shanks and tighten the bolts to snug only.
– Check all the sweeps so that they are uniformly the same depth and are level – assuming that some of the shanks are not bent.
– Finish torquing the nuts on the bolts to 77 ft/lbs.
* You may need longer bolts to accomodate the extra thickness of the sweep/chisel combination.


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