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M1 Winged Anhydrous Knife

Based on the N40, the Nichols M1 winged anhydrous knife has established a reputation as being the best-sealing knife available, making it the logical choice for any anhydrous ammonia job. The M1 is constucted with 1/2″ x 2-1/2″ hardened steel, a chrome-alloy tube protector, and a 2″ wide, winged casting that features a narrow profile which minimizes soil disturbance at the surface level. Thanks to the M1’s extended nose and swept wing, the knife penetrates the ground with ease and consequently, lasts much longer than standard knives. The engineering of the M1’s wing allows ammonia to be injected directly beneath the wing, making for a wider, more consistent fertilizer band and uncompromised sealing.



Style Part Number Weight (lbs)
1/8″ Pipe & Protector M1TP8 7.1
1/8″ Pipe, Protector, & Sealer M1TPSR8 7.8


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