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N-19 Backswept Fertilizer Knives

Nichols N19 knives are available standard, hardfaced on one or both sides, or even with a chrome alloy wear edge with an optional chrome alloy pipe protector. The N19 is one of Nichols’ best selling knives and has a reputation for being the finest in the field. The hardfacing on these knives is applied by hand with acetylene, meaning it’s the smoothest hardfacing available which makes the N19 self-sharpening. These knives are 19″, punched with 1/2″ holes for 1-1/2″ to 3″ centers and are fabricated from 1/2″ material.



Style Part Number Weight (lbs)
1/8″ Pipe, Standard N19B8 4.5
1/8″ Pipe, Hardfaced on One Side N19HF8 4.75
1/8″ Pipe, Hardfaced on Both Sides N19HF28 4.8
1/8″ Pipe, Alloy Edge N19CP8 5.25
1/8″ Pipe, Alloy Edge & Protector N19CPTP8 5.3


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