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Original Backswept Fertilizer Knives

Nichols Original Backswept Knives are simply the best for sidedressing vegetables and fertilizing while seeding. They can even be used on MaxiMerge equipment while planting. Both N13 and N17 knives are offered either hardfaced on one side, or with an alloy casting and an optional cast alloy pipe protector. Regardless of the soil conditions, there’s an N13 or N17 for most any situation. These knives are made from 3/8″ steel and are punched with 1/2″ holes for 1-1/2″ to 3″ centers.



Size Style Part Number Weight (lbs)
13″ 1/8″ Pipe, Alloy Edge N13CP8 3.7
13″ 1/8″ Pipe, Alloy Edge, & Protector N13CPTP8 3.8
13″ 1/8″ Pipe, Hardfaced N13HF8 3.8
17″ 1/8″ Pipe, Alloy Edge N17CP8 4.2
17″ 1/8″ Pipe, Alloy Edge, & Protector N17CPTP8 4.3
17″ 1/8″ Pipe, Hardfaced N17HF8 4.3


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