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Original N-15 Frontswept Fertilizer Knives

Used for many years, the Nichols N15 is the basic hardfaced standard. Oil quenched and hardened, this knife is hardfaced by electrical application. Available in various configurations, the N15 is punched with 1/2″ holes for 1-1/2″ to 3″ centers.



Style Part Number Weight (lbs)
1/8″ Pipe, Standard N15B8 5.3
1/8″ Pipe & Sealer, Standard N15SR8 5.3
1/8″ Pipe, Hardfaced N15HF8 5.5
1/8″ Pipe & Sealer, Hardfaced N15HFSR8 5.55
1/8″ Pipe, Protector, & Sealer, Hardfaced N15HFTPSR8 5.55
1/4″ Pipe, Hardfaced N15HF4 5.5


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