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Parabolic Frontswept Fertilizer Knives

Nichols parabolic frontswept knives are designed for better gas and solution placement along with reliable sealing. Manufactured with high-chrome alloy cast points and pipe protectors, they are superb resisting abrasion.

With the LTP series, the 1/8″ plastic pipe is safely guarded by a surrounding ‘L’ shaped pipe protector. This arrangement is so the plastic pipe can be directly attached to the manifold without the use of connectors or adaptors. The plastic pipe resists corrosion and can be used in acid applications. The double piped N40LTP series can be used for dual applications where acid is pumped through the plastic and ammonia via the steel pipe.

All knives come equipped with either 1/8″ or 1/”4 standard wall pipe. LTP series have 1/8″ flexible plasitc pipe. These knives are contructed from 1/2″ by 2-1/2″ high quality steel with 1/2″ holes for 1-1/2″ to 3″ centers.



Style Part Number Weight (lbs)
1/8″ Pipe & Protector N40TP8 6.65
1/8″ Pipe, Protector, & Sealer N40TPSR8 7.35
1/4″ Pipe & Protector N40TP4 6.65
1/4″ Pipe, Protector, & Sealer N40TPSR4 7.35
Two 1/8″ Pipes, Protector, & Sealer N40TPSRDU8 7.25
Two 1/4″ Pipes, Protector, & Sealer N40TPSRDU4 7.25
20″ with 1/8″ Pipe, Protector, & Sealer N40TPSR820 8.50
1/8″ Plastic, 1/8″ Steel Pipe, Protector, & Sealer N40LTPSR8 7.85
1/8″ Plastic, 1/4″ Steel Pipe, & Protector N40LTP 7.0
1/8″ Plastic, 1/4″ Steel Pipe, Protector, & Sealer N40LTPSR 7.75


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